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The author of eight nonfiction books and three novels, Jane Adams’
work has been selected by major book clubs, translated in several foreign
languages, and adapted for television. Her essays, columns, and articles
have been published in newspapers and magazines including The New York
Times, the Los Angeles Times, Psychology Today, Glamour, More, Woman’s
Day, the Nation, New Choices, AARP The Magazine, and on many popular on-line

Among Jane Adams’ books are:

Boundary issues: Using Boundary Intelligence to Get the
Intimacy You Need and the Independence You Want in Life, Love and


I’m Still Your Mother: How To Get Along With Your Grown
Up Children For The Rest Of Your Life.


When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us: Letting Go Of Their
Problems Loving Them Anyway and Getting On With Our Lives.


Wake Up, Sleeping Beauty: How To Live Happily Ever After Starting
Right Now.

Other Titles:

“Seattle Green” (Arbor House)

“Good Intentions” (New American Library)

“How To Sell What You Write” (Putnam)

“Tradeoffs” (William Morrow)

“Making Good: Conversations with Successful Men” (William

“Women On Top: Success Patterns and Personal Growth” (Hawthorn/Dutton)

“Sex and the Single Parent” (Coward, McCann & Geohegan)