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Ten Reasons Grown Kids Give for Staying Away From Home

Wonder why they’re not coming home for the holidays? Upset because they never return your letters, calls or texts? Estranged, alienated, or suffering silently (or not)?  Are the kids you always hoped would be your friends once they were grown even if you weren’t related to each other  not only decidedly unfriendly, but still upset because of something you don’t even remember? According to my clients, over 40 social media groups for estranged parents, and recent research, here are the top ten reasons family estrangement is a disturbing new trend – data indicate that it’s almost as common as divorce.Usually it’s the grown kids who do the estranging, and the parents the wondering.

It’s not about doing any or all of them once, and never again – it’s how often we repeat them that matters. The combination  counts, too – if it’s only one or two of these behaviors we’re likely to get a pass the first few times, but if we make a habit of them, it should ‘t be surprising if our kids  disconnect. Stopping them may be the first step in getting back in touch. – Read More

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Personal Coaching for Anxious Parents

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